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About me

My research interests encompass broad areas of marine ecology and conservation. I am particularly interested in understanding ecological processes driven by trophic interactions across marine food webs. I have studied the trophic ecology of large marine predators in the Northeastern Pacific Ocean and invasive mesopredators in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico mainly through the use of microchemical analysis. I am also interested in understanding how different stressors producing global changes affect the interaction between ecological and social systems in terms of their adaptability, resilience and management.


Photo credits: Dr Emily Darling



Marine ecology

I am interested in different aspects of trophic ecology, energy transfer along food web links, and the regulatory effect top and mesopredators can exert on marine communities.

2012 - 2017

Simon Fraser University

Ph.D. Biology


I am interested in understanding what is the role of current marine stressors and how they are transforming both natural ecosystems and the associated social-ecological systems challenging their resilience and adaptability.

Marine resource management

The following questions motivate this component of my research: What is the role of our society in our rapidly changing oceans? How can we strive to preserve natural ecosystems and healthy populations while promoting economic opportunities for local vulnerable communities?

2007 - 2009


M.Sc. Marine Ecology

2000 - 2005

Autonomous University of Baja California

B.Sc. Oceanology

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