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Antonio Gómez Gómez

I am a  graduate student at la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California enrolled in the Environment and Development Doctoral program. I am interested in determining how eco-certification programs affect the sustainable management of marine resources. During my master's degree in marine ecology, I studied the benthic communities in kelp forests and their relationship with the physical environment. Since then, I have been working on sustainable fishing projects under the eco-certification scheme, at the same time I have been collaborating in several monitoring projects in kelp forests studying the changes of the community structure in relation to the physical environment. In my free time, I love outdoor activities, both at sea and on land, and when I can, I love to travel and visiting new places.




My research interests encompass aspects of marine ecology, kelp forest ecology, fisheries management, eco-certification programs and fisheries improvement projects. 

2020 - 

Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

Ph. D. Environment and Development

2005 - 2009

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (España)

B. Sc. Environmental Sciences

2013 - 2015

Centro de Investigación Científica y de Estudios Superiores de Ensenada (CICESE)

M. Sc. Marine Ecology

2007 - 2009

Universidad de Barcelona y Universidad Politécnica de Barcelona (España)

M. Sc. Marine Sciences

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